What does a fortiori mean?

a fortiori meaning in General Dictionary

With stronger reason

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  • with higher explanation; for a still stronger, more specific explanation
  • With more powerful reason.

a fortiori meaning in Legal Dictionary

(ah-for-she-ory) preparation. Latin for "with also stronger reason," which pertains to a scenario in which if one thing holds true then it can be inferred that a second thing is also much more undoubtedly real. Therefore, if Abel is simply too youthful to serve as administrator, after that his more youthful sibling Cain undoubtedly is just too youthful.

a fortiori meaning in Law Dictionary

Latin and suggests far better or with better reason.

a fortiori meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

an expression signifying much more; put on something must certanly be accepted for a still more powerful reason. -- J.J.R.

a fortiori meaning in General Dictionary

With more powerful explanation.

Sentence Examples with the word a fortiori

It was Aristotle himself then who wrote these works, whether he arranged them or not; and if he wrote the incomplete works, then a fortiori he wrote the completed works except those which are proved spurious, and practically consummated the Aristotelian system, which, as Leibnitz said, by its unity of thought and style evinces its own genuineness and individuality.

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