What does a chad A Chad mean?

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A super square. A major douche bag. A male usually ranging between your centuries of 17-28 who thinks he's got swag, but actually does not have any swag. Sometimes a chad will would be putting on any kind of Jersey Shore Paraphernalia and might be viewed with a stupid hair-style.The words source's trace to Murrieta, CA at the beginning of 2011 in which a group of obnoxious 21 year olds went to Vegas the week-end and made a profound realization that anyone because of the name Chad frequently is a square. They spent the complete week-end drunk on the nevada strip calling every guy that stepped by a chad.See in addition markass chad or markass strategy. whenever you make a move retarded, worthless, pointless, high in lies your homie's still love ya....you pulled a chad...hahaAlso, when you feel so upon life that you do everything in your power to make EVERYONE you know have a pity party for your needs.