What does Yours mean?

Yours meaning in Finance Dictionary

Jargon applied to a dealing floor to confirm the work of attempting to sell. Owner will say yours and verify the total amount of the bid whenever a counterparty has actually accepted an offer.

Yours meaning in Etymology Dictionary

absolutive kind of your, c.1300, on style of their, ours, etc. Yours undoubtedly "myself" is from 1833, from common subscription of letters. It is difficult to say what will succeed, and still more to pronounce exactly what will maybe not. Im now in that uncertainty (on our personal rating,) which is no tiny proof of the author's powers to be able to appeal and fix a mind's interest on comparable subjects and climates in such a predicament. He could have the exact same effect upon all their visitors is quite sincerely the wish, and hardly the doubt, of yours certainly, "B." [Lord Byron to John Murray, Dec. 4, 1813]

Yours meaning in General Dictionary

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We all remember ours but yours is missing.

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