What does Yellow fever mean?

Yellow fever meaning in General Dictionary

caused by a flavivirus sent by a mosquito

Yellow fever meaning in Medical Dictionary

An acute systemic (bodywide) infection brought on by a virus called a Flavivirus. In extreme situations, the viral infection causes increased temperature, hemorrhaging to the epidermis, and necrosis (demise) of cells in the renal and liver. The destruction done towards liver through the virus causes serious jaundice which yellows your skin. Hence, the "yellow" in "yellow fever."

Yellow fever meaning in Law Dictionary

Spread of a viral illness by mosquitoes infected in Tropical Africa, South America together with Caribbean causing deterioration of liver and kidney areas.

Yellow fever meaning in Business Dictionary

Viral disease spread by infected mosquitoes within tropical Africa, Caribbean, and South America which causes deterioration of kidney and liver tissues. Its symptoms include as well as limb pain, chills, irregularity, fever, problems, inner bleeding, jaundice (for this reason the name), paid off circulation of urine, and sickness. Some types of yellow-fever tend to be fatal. Also called dengue.

Sentence Examples with the word Yellow fever

Most notable of all, yellow fever was eradicated where it had been endemic for centuries.

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