What does Winter mean?

Winter meaning in General Dictionary

spend winter season

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  • the coldest period of the season; within the northern hemisphere it stretches from cold temperatures solstice to your vernal equinox
  • To pass the winter to hibernate regarding winter months in Florida
  • To keep feed or control during the winter concerning winter youthful cattle on straw
  • the growing season of the year in which the sunlight shines many obliquely upon any region; the coldest season of the season.
  • the time scale of decay, later years, demise, or even the like.
  • To pass the winter; to hibernate; because, to winter in Florida.
  • to help keep, feed or manage, during the winter; as, to wintertime youthful cattle on straw.

Winter meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: American
Name Gender: Female

Winter meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English cold temperatures (plural wintru), "the 4th and coldest period of the year, winter months," from Proto-Germanic *wintruz "winter" (cognates: Old Frisian, Dutch winter, Old Saxon, Old tall German wintar, German cold temperatures, Danish and Swedish vinter, Gothic wintrus, Old Norse vetr "winter"), probably actually "the wet season," from PIE *wend-, from root *wed- (1) "water, wet" (see liquid (n.1)). On another old estimate, cognate with Gaulish vindo-, Old Irish find "white." As an adjective in Old English. The Anglo-Saxons counted years in "winters," like in Old English

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  • "to pass through winter months (in certain spot)," belated 14c., from cold temperatures (letter.). Related: Wintered; wintering.

Winter meaning in Symbols Dictionary

An old Germanic indication for the period of , found in clog almanacs.

Winter - German to English


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  • wintertime
  • winters

Winter meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The season of the season where sunlight shines most obliquely upon any area; the coldest season of the season.

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  • (letter.) The period of decay, later years, death, or the want.
  • (v. i.) to pass through the winter; to hibernate; because, to winter in Florida.
  • (v. i.) maintain, feed or control, during the cold winter; as, to winter young cattle on straw.

Sentence Examples with the word Winter

The strong changes of temperature with the seasons are indicated also by the distribution of summer maxima and winter minima; summer temperatures above 112 are known in the south-western deserts, and temperatures of 100 are sometimes carried far northward on the Great Plains by the hot winds nearly to the Canadian boundary; while in winter, temperatures of 40 occur along the mid-northern boundary and freezing winds sometimes sweep down to the border of the Gulf of Mexico.

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