What does Weiße mean?

Weiße - German to English


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  • sagacious
  • sage
  • sagely
  • sapient
  • sapiently
  • sapient [wise]
  • sensible
  • carefully
  • environment
  • fashion [manner, method]
  • way
  • mode
  • tune
  • way
  • sage [female]
  • blankness
  • canitude [obs.] [whiteness]
  • Caucasian [female] [white person]
  • white [female]
  • whiteness
  • whites [the whites]

Sentence Examples with the word Weiße

The spirit of Nathan der Weise may not have been exactly the spirit engendered by the Crusades; and yet it is not without reason that Lessing stages the fable which teaches toleration in the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem.

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