What does Walter mean?

Walter meaning in General Dictionary

German conductor (1876-1962)

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  • To roll or wallow to welter
  • To move or wallow; to welter.

Walter meaning in Names Dictionary

Powerful warrior.
Name Origin: German
Name Gender: Male

Walter meaning in Etymology Dictionary

masc. appropriate title, from Old North French Waltier (Old French Gualtier, Modern French Gautier), of Germanic beginning and cognate with Old High German Walthari, Walthere, virtually "ruler regarding the army," from waltan "to rule" (see wield) + hari "host, army" (see harry). Walter Mitty (1939) is from title personality in "the key Life of Walter Mitty" by U.S. short story author James Thurber (1894-1961).

Walter meaning in General Dictionary

(v. i.) To move or wallow; to welter.

Sentence Examples with the word Walter

Bruce had but five hundred horse, under Keith the Marischal; Douglas led the levies of his own district and Ettrick Forest; Randolph commanded the men of Moray; Walter Steward, those of the south-western shires; and Angus Og brought to the Scottish standard the light-footed men of the Isles, and, probably, of Lochaber, Moidart, and the western coast in general.

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