What does VoIP mean?

VoIP meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

instead called IP telephone or Internet phone,  VoIP stands for voice-over online Protocol, and it makes it possible for users which will make telephone calls on the internet. To produce a call, a telephone is linked to a network cable, rather than a phone range, or a call is created over a computer. VoIP permits long-distance phone calls to be cheaper, although occasionally with lower sound high quality. Initial research VoIP call was built in 1973, however the first computer software (referred to as Vocaltec) enabling customers to produce phone calls, did not appear until 1995.

VoIP meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

is short for "voice-over Internet Protocol," and it is usually pronounced "voip." VoIP is actually a telephone connection on the internet. The info is delivered digitally, creating an online business Protocol (IP) rather than analog telephone lines. This enables people to speak to the other person long-distance and throughout the world and never having to pay long-distance or international phone costs. In order to use VoIP, you'll need a pc, an Internet connection, and VoIP software. Additionally you need either a microphone, analog telephone adapter, or VoIP telephone. Numerous VoIP programs allow you to make use of a basic microphone and speaker setup. Other people calls for VoIP mobile phones, that are like regular phone handsets, but usually connect to your personal computer via USB. Analog telephone adapters allow you to make use of regular phones with your computer. IP mobile phones tend to be an alternative choice that connect right to a router via Ethernet or wirelessly. The crooks to have got all the required pc software for VoIP built in and therefore do not require a pc. The greatest supplier of VoIP solutions is Vonage, but there are many other businesses that provide comparable solutions. While Vonage charges a monthly solution cost, programs like Skype and PeerMe allow users to connect together and talk free-of-charge. But these free solutions can offer a lot fewer contacts, lower audio high quality, and might be less dependable than paid services like Vonage. VoIP is also named IP telephony, Web telephony, and digital phone.