What does Vas deferens mean?

Vas deferens meaning in General Dictionary

a duct that holds spermatozoa from epididymis on ejaculatory duct

Vas deferens meaning in Medical Dictionary

The tube that connects the testes using urethra. The vas deferens is a coiled duct that conveys semen from the epididymis into ejaculatory duct therefore the urethra.

Vas deferens meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The term regularly reference the tube that carries semen to the pelvis in direction of the urethra.

Vas deferens meaning in Sexual Dictionary

a coiled pipe that carries the spermatozoa from the testes and match ejaculate ready for climax.

Sentence Examples with the word Vas deferens

Of the organs lying on the reflected mantle-skirt, that which in the natural state lay nearest to the vas deferens on the right side of the median line of the roof of the branchial chamber is the rectum i', ending in the anus a.

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