What does VISITOR mean?

VISITOR meaning in General Dictionary

an individual who visits

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  • a person who visits one who comes or visits see another as in civility or relationship
  • a person who visits; person who comes or visits see another, as in civility or relationship.
  • A superior, or an individual lawfully appointed with the objective, just who makes formal visits of examination to a business or one organization. See Visit, v. t., 2, and Visitation, n., 2.

VISITOR meaning in Law Dictionary

n inspector of government of corporations, or bodies politic. 1 Bl. Comm. 482. Visitor is an inspector of federal government of a corporation, etc. The normal is visitor of spiritual corporations. But corporations instituted for exclusive charity, if they are lay, tend to be visitable because of the founder, or whom he shall appoint; and from the phrase of such customer there lies no charm. By implication of legislation, the president along with his heirs tend to be site visitors of lay fundamentals, if no man or woman is appointed by him to see that the charity is not perverted. Jacob. The word "visitor" normally applied to the official appointed to see and report upon persons discovered lunatics by inquisition, and one appointed by a school board to see houses to see that moms and dads are complying using terms in mention of the training of their young ones. Mozley & Whitley.

VISITOR meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., from Anglo-French visitour, Old French visiteor "visitor, inspector," from visiter (see visit (v.)). Sports sense is from 1900.

VISITOR meaning in General Dictionary

one that visits; a person who comes or would go to see another, such as civility or friendship.

Sentence Examples with the word VISITOR

He marveled at Westlake's lack of concern, but as a first time visitor to the heart of nature's fury it was still a white-knuckle trip as lightning flashes and near-simultaneous thunderclaps erupted in every direction.

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