What does Turnus mean?

Turnus meaning in Urban Dictionary

if you are banging her from behind and she transforms around asking to make her over. You give the woman desire even though she's switching around, you take benefit of her vulnerability (similar to Turnus in "The Aeneid" using the wounded Aeneas) and slap the lady when you look at the face, making her involuntary. You then go to fornicate along with her unconscious human body.

Turnus meaning in Names Dictionary

Killed by Aeneas.
Name Origin: Latin
Name Gender: Male

Turnus meaning in General Dictionary

a standard big handsome United states swallowtail butterfly now viewed as one of the forms of Papilio glaucus syn Jasoniades glaucus The wings tend to be yellowish margined and barred with black in accordance with an orange purple spot near the posterior perspective associated with the hind wings labeled as additionally tiger swallowtail See Illust under Swallowtail

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  • a standard, huge, good looking, United states swallowtail butterfly, today regarded as one of many kinds of Papilio, / Jasoniades, glaucus. The wings are yellowish, margined and banned with black colored, with an orange-red area close to the posterior position associated with the hind wings. Known as in addition tiger swallowtail. See Illust. under Swallowtail.

Turnus - German to English

recurrence frequency

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  • regular cycle
  • rotation
  • rota [Br.]
  • roster [duty roster]
  • housemanship [Br.]
  • internship [Am.]
  • (work) shift

Sentence Examples with the word Turnus

In Virgil, Juturna appears as the sister of Turnus (probably owing to the partial similarity of the names), on whom Jupiter, to console her for the loss of her chastity, bestowed immortality and the control of all the lakes and rivers of Latium.

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