What does Triassic mean?

Triassic meaning in General Dictionary

of or regarding or denoting initial period of the Mesozoic age

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  • from 230 million to 190 million years ago; dinosaurs, marine reptiles; volcanic task
  • associated with age of or related to the Trias
  • associated with the age, or with respect to, the Trias.
  • The Triassic development.

Triassic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1841, from German, coined 1841 by German geologist Friedrich August von Alberti (1795-1878), from Trias "period preceding the Jurassic," from Greek trias "triad, the amount three" (see triad). So called since it is divisible (in Germany) into three groups.

Triassic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Regarding the age, or related to, the Trias.

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  • (letter.) The formation.

Sentence Examples with the word Triassic

Over the greater part of this region the Triassic beds are free from folding and are nearly horizontal, but faulting is by no means absent, especially along the margins of the Bohemian and Rhenish hills.

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