What does Trachea mean?

Trachea meaning in General Dictionary

one of many tubules developing the breathing of many insects and lots of arachnids

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  • membranous tube with cartilaginous rings that conveys inhaled air from the larynx towards bronchi
  • The windpipe. See Illust. of Lung.
  • One of the breathing pipes of pests and arachnids.
  • One of the large cells in woody structure that have spiral, annular, or any other markings, and are usually linked longitudinally in order to kind continuous ducts.

Trachea meaning in Medical Dictionary

A tube-like part of the respiratory tract that links the larynx aided by the bronchial elements of the lung area. Also called windpipe.

Trachea meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Medieval Latin trachea (13c.), as with trachea arteria, from belated Latin trachia, from Greek trakheia, in trakheia arteria "windpipe," actually "rough artery" (so called from bands of cartilage that kind the trachea), from fem. of trakhys "rough," from PIE *dhre-gh-, suffixed kind of root *dher- (1). See artery for reference to windpipe in Greek technology. Related: Tracheal.

Trachea meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The windpipe; it holds environment from bronchi to your mouth

Trachea - German to English

trachea [of bugs]

Trachea meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) One of many respiratory pipes of insects and arachnids.

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  • (n.) One of several big cells in woody tissue which have spiral, annular, or other markings, and connected longitudinally in order to form constant ducts.

Sentence Examples with the word Trachea

Cilicia Trachea became the haunt of pirates, who were subdued by Pompey.

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