What does The Funnel mean?

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Funneling could be the act of a group of pals effectively getting a particular girl to disregard them and tell this lady what she would like to hear to be able to "funnel" the lady to a specific various other friend . The exact opposite of cock-blocking. Frequently associated with the term "wingman", this maneuver usually incorporates numerous wingmen acting as a single product working to the exact same ultimate objective; to obtain somebody laid.This maneuver is not to be utilized to funnel the DUFF to some other friend, but can be employed to dump this lady on an unsuspecting douche case.

Sentence Examples with the word The Funnel

In Lumbricus the connexion is a little closer; the funnel of the nephridium, in the segments in which the funnels of the gonad ducts are to be developed, persists and is continuous with the gonad duct funnels on their first appearance.

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