What does Tafel mean?

Tafel - German to English


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  • tablet regarding the Decalogue
  • breast-plate
  • slab of preparing chocolate
  • tablet with the inscription ...
  • tablet bearing the inscription
  • panel
  • club of chocolate
  • tableau
  • tablet [flat slab of stone, clay, or lumber]
  • meal [esp. festive]
  • dining table [large or festive]
  • plaque
  • (large) dining table
  • meals assistance center [Am.]
  • food lender
  • food pantry [Am.]
  • slab
  • dish [sign, additionally example in a book etc.]
  • bar [of chocolate]
  • blackboard
  • chalkboard [Am.]
  • guard [sign]

Sentence Examples with the word Tafel

Heisenberg, Leipzig, 1903); Documents in Tafel and Thomas, Urkunden zur dlteren Handelsand Staatsgeschichte der Republik Venedig (Vienna, 1856).

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