What does TURKEY mean?

TURKEY meaning in General Dictionary

an individual who does one thing thoughtless or irritating

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  • skin of large domesticated fowl often roasted
  • a Eurasian republic in Asia small as well as the Balkans; regarding the failure associated with the Ottoman Empire in 1918, the Young Turks, led by Kemal Ataturk, established a republic in 1923
  • an event that fails poorly or is completely ineffectual
  • big gallinaceous bird with fan-shaped end; extensively domesticated for meals
  • a country inside southeast of European countries and southwest of Asia
  • Any big United states gallinaceous bird of the genus Meleagris especially the North American wild turkey Meleagris gallopavo and also the domestic turkey that has been probably produced from the Mexican crazy turkey but have been domesticated because of the Indians well before the finding of America
  • An empire when you look at the southeast of European countries and southwest of Asia.
  • Any large American gallinaceous bird from the genus Meleagris, particularly the united states wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo), as well as the domestic turkey, that has been most likely produced by the Mexican wild turkey, but was domesticated by the Indians very long before the discovery of The united states.

TURKEY meaning in Law Dictionary

bad business move bargain that when seemed encouraging.

TURKEY meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1540s, initially "guinea fowl" (Numida meleagris), a bird brought in from Madagascar via Turkey, and called guinea fowl whenever brought by Portuguese dealers from western Africa. The bigger us bird (Meleagris gallopavo) ended up being domesticated by the Aztecs, introduced to Spain by conquistadors (1523) and thence to wider European countries. Your message turkey very first had been placed on it in English 1550s because it ended up being identified with or addressed as a species regarding the guinea fowl, and/or as it reached the others of European countries from Spain through North Africa, then under Ottoman (Turkish) guideline. Indian corn was initially turkey corn or turkey grain in English for the same reason. The Turkish title for this is hindi, actually "Indian," most likely influenced by center French dinde (c.1600, contracted from poulet d'inde, virtually "chicken from Asia," contemporary French dindon), on the basis of the then-common misconception your New World was east Asia. Following the two birds were distinguished together with names differentiated, turkey had been mistakenly retained the United states bird, as opposed to the African. From the same imperfect knowledge and confusion Melagris, the old name of African fowl, had been unfortuitously followed by Linn

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  • nation title, belated 14c., from Medieval Latin Turchia, from Turcus (see Turk) + -ia.

TURKEY meaning in Cooking Dictionary

An American game bird from the pheasant family which has been domesticated. Self:basting turkeys are inserted with butter or veggie oil. "Roaster:fryers" (6:

TURKEY meaning in Sports Dictionary

the word for successive attacks by one player. (sport: Bowling)

TURKEY - German to English

cool turkey [sl.]

TURKEY meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An empire within the southeast of European countries and southwest of Asia.

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  • (n.) Any large United states gallinaceous bird belonging to the genus Meleagris, especially the united states crazy turkey (Meleagris gallopavo), in addition to domestic turkey, that has been most likely derived from the Mexican wild turkey, but was indeed domesticated because of the Indians a long time before the finding of America.

Sentence Examples with the word TURKEY

During the reaction against Russia which followed the war of 1877 informal discussions were conducted with this object, and it was even suggested that a reformed or constitutional Turkey might find a place in the confederation.

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