What does TERRA mean?

TERRA meaning in Law Dictionary

if it is for his interest to just accept or decline the succession which includes dropped to him. Civ. Code La. art. 1033.

TERRA meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Latin, virtually "earth" (see terrain).

TERRA meaning in General Dictionary

the planet earth earth

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  • our planet; earth.

TERRA - German to English


TERRA meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The planet earth; planet.

Sentence Examples with the word TERRA

His real name was Michele Pezza, and he was born of low parentage at Itri; he had committed many murders and robberies in the Terra di Lavoro, but by good luck combined with audacity he always escaped capture, whence his name of Fra Diavolo, popular superstition having invested him with the characters of a monk and a demon, and it seems that at one time he actually was a monk.

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