What does Synthesis mean?

Synthesis meaning in General Dictionary

the entire process of making a chemical element (usually because of the union of easier chemical substances)

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  • the combination of some ideas into a complex entire
  • thinking from general towards certain (or from cause to impact)
  • Composition or even the placing of two or more things collectively as with compounding medications
  • structure, or perhaps the placing of several things collectively, such as compounding drugs.
  • The art or process of making a compound by placing the components together, as contrasted with analysis; thus, liquid is made by synthesis from hydrogen and oxygen; for this reason, particularly, the accumulating of complex compounds by unique reactions, wherein their element radicals are grouped that the ensuing substances are identical in all aspects with the natural articles whenever such occur; thus, artificial alcohol, urea, indigo-blue, alizarin, etc., were created by synthesis.
  • The mixture of split components of thought into a entire, as of quick into complex conceptions, species into genera, specific propositions into systems; -- the contrary of analysis.

Synthesis meaning in Medical Dictionary

Putting together various organizations to produce an entire which will be new and different. In biochemistry, synthesis relates particularly into the procedure for creating compounds from more primary substances by means of one or more chemical responses.

Synthesis meaning in Law Dictionary

1. Forming a coherent whole from different elements. 2. Step in a dialectic procedure in which affirmed principles are countered due to their opposites to yield the final concept. 3. Process of incorporating substances to create a new material.

Synthesis meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1610s, "deductive thinking," from Latin synthesis "collection, put, fit of clothes, composition (of a medication)," from Greek synthesis "structure, a putting collectively," from syntithenai "put together, combine," from syn- "together" (see syn-) + tithenai "put, spot" (identify theme). From 1733 as "a mixture of parts into an entire." Earlier in the day lent in Middle English as sintecis (mid-15c.). Plural syntheses.

Synthesis meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Systematic combination of usually different facets to form a coherent whole. 2. Step in dialectic procedure where in actuality the affirmed concepts (the thesis) tend to be countered with opposing affirmed principles (the antithesis) to produce your final idea (the synthesis) that embraces or reconciles all acceptable principles of this thesis and antithesis. This is the way brand new (synthesized) understanding emerges from the old knowledge. 3. Process by which substances combine to form brand-new substances or duplicated natural products. In professional synthesis, hydrocarbon molecules tend to be combined in several combinations to numerous kinds of plastics along with other brand-new compounds. In normal synthesis, carbon-dioxide and water are coupled with sun's energy to create sugar in plants (a procedure known as photosynthesis).

Synthesis meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

In reasoning, the overall approach to deduction or deductive reasoning, which proceeds from the simple towards the complex, through the general towards specific, from the necessary to the contingent, from a principle to its application, from a general legislation to specific situations from cause to impact, from an antecedent to its consequent, from a condition towards trained, through the rational whole towards logical part. The logical structure or mix of individual elements of thought, because results of this technique. a view is considered as a synthesis when its predicate is accidental or contingent according to the topic: once the floor of these a synthesis is knowledge, synthetic judgments are a posteriori. The Kantian doctrine of synthetic judgments a priori requires a synthesis between two terms, just before experience and through company regarding the types of our intuition or of your understanding. The rational process of incorporating some elements on comprehension of an idea in oider to have its 'logical division' in contradistinction to the 'real division' which breaks up a composition by evaluation. The third stage inside dialectical process, incorporating the thesis therefore the antithesis for emergence of an innovative new amount of becoming. In natural philosophy, the process of incorporating numerous material elements into a new substance. The ait of creating or building up a compound by simpler compounds or by its elements. Additionally, the complex substance so-formed. -- T.G.

Sentence Examples with the word Synthesis

Thus the attempt to find out a constitution for the aether will involve a synthesis of intimate correlation of the various types of physical agencies, which appear so different to us mainly because we perceive them through different senses.

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