What does Stew mean?

Stew meaning in General Dictionary

bear a grudge; harbor ill thoughts

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  • take a huff; be quiet or sullen
  • prepare gradually as well as quite a few years in liquid
  • agitation resulting from energetic worry
  • meals prepared by stewing particularly beef or seafood with vegetables
  • a little pond or pool in which fish are kept the table a vivarium
  • To boil slowly or because of the simmering or reasonable temperature to seethe to prepare in just a little fluid over a gentle fire without boiling concerning stew meat to stew oysters to stew oranges
  • is seethed or prepared in a slow mild manner or in heat and moisture
  • a location of stewing or seething a place in which hot bathes are furnished a hothouse
  • a little pond or share where fish tend to be held for table; a vivarium.
  • An artificial bed of oysters.
  • To boil gradually, or because of the simmering or modest heat; to seethe; to cook in only a little fluid, over a mild fire, without boiling; as, to stew beef; to stew oysters; to stew apples.
  • To be seethed or prepared in a slow, mild fashion, or inu000du000a heat and dampness.
  • a spot of stewing or seething; someplace in which hot bathes are furnished; a hothouse.
  • A brothel; -- frequently into the plural.
  • A prostitute.
  • A dish prepared by stewing; because, a stewof pigeons.
  • a situation of agitating excitement; circumstances of stress;u000du000a confusion; since, to stay a stew.

Stew meaning in Names Dictionary

Form of Stuart. Steward.
Name Origin: American
Name Gender: Male

Stew meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., transitive "to bathe (you or a body component) in a steam bathtub," from Old French estuver "have a hot shower, leap into a bath; stew" (contemporary French

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  • c.1300, "vessel for cooking," from stew (v.). Later on "heated room," particularly for bathing (late 14c.). The meaning "stewed beef with vegetables" is initially recorded 1756. The obsolete slang meaning "brothel" (mid-14c., frequently plural, stews) is from a parallel sense of "public shower house" (mid-14c.), carried over from Old French estuve "bath, shower house; bawdy home," reflecting the trustworthiness of medieval bath houses.

Stew meaning in Cooking Dictionary

Blanching small items of meat and then serving with a sauce and differing garnishes, such as veggies; a mixture cooking strategy comparable to braising

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  • To simmer food in handful of fluid.
  • To cook meals in fluid for a long time until tender, typically in a covered cooking pot.
  • To simmer meals gradually in a covered pan or casserole.

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Sentence Examples with the word Stew

She left him there to think about his actions - only he would probably stew on hers instead.

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