What does Statement mean?

Statement meaning in General Dictionary

the work of affirming or asserting or saying some thing

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  • (music) the presentation of a musical motif
  • a nonverbal message
  • a fact or assertion supplied as evidence that something is true
  • a note that is stated or declared; an interaction (oral or written) setting forth particulars or facts etc
  • (computer research) a line of code written as an element of a pc system
  • a document showing credits and debits
  • The act of stating reciting or showing by mouth or on paper concerning interrupt a speaker in declaration of their case
  • The work of stating, reciting, or showing, by mouth or in report; because, to interrupt a speaker in statement of his instance.
  • whatever is stated; an official embodiment in language of details or views; a narrative; a recital.

Statement meaning in Finance Dictionary

See declaration of account and lender declaration.

Statement meaning in Law Dictionary

In an over-all feeling, an allegation; a declaration of issues of-fact. The definition of has come to be utilized of multiple formal narratives of facts, required by law in a variety of jurisdictions since the first step toward judicial or formal proceedings.

Statement meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1775, "what is stated," from condition (v.) + -ment. From 1789 as "activity of stating;" 1885 available sense "document showing debits and credits."

Statement meaning in Business Dictionary

1. General: Formal statement, narration, presentation, or recital of circumstances, events, facts, or circumstances of affairs. 2. Banking and commerce: Chronological summary of most transactions connected with a free account during a reported period, and their effect on the account. See in addition account statement. 3. Law: Oral or written assertion, or conduct construed or intended as an assertion.

Statement meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

In education, a declaration is a single type of signal that is used to do a specific task.

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Statement meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

See Meaning, types of, 1.

Sentence Examples with the word Statement

A further revision of this code is stated to have been made by Constantine Porphyrogenitus, the son and successor of Leo, but this statement rests only on the authority of Theodorus Balsamon, a very learned canonist of the 12th century, who, in his preface to the Nomocanon of Patriarch Photius, cites passages from the Basilica which differ from the text of the code as revised by the emperor Leo.

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