What does Stakeholders mean?

Stakeholders meaning in Economics Dictionary

all events having a pastime, economic or otherwise, in a company, including investors, CREDITORS, bondholders, employees, consumers, administration, the city and GOVERNMENT. Exactly how these various passions must be catered for, and what direction to go if they conflict, is a lot discussed. Specifically, there is developing disagreement between those who argue that organizations should be run mainly inside interests of their shareholders, in order to maximise shareholder price, and the ones whom believe the wishes of shareholders should sometimes be traded down against those of other stakeholders.

Stakeholders meaning in Law Dictionary

nyone with that has a legal, financial or personal interest in a business such as for instance shareholders, managers, suppliers, directors, government, workers and the neighborhood. Refer to direct stakeholders and indirect stakeholders.

Sentence Examples with the word Stakeholders

The interested stakeholders need to attend the meeting.

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