What does Schedule mean?

Schedule meaning in General Dictionary

make a routine; program enough time and put for occasions

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  • plan for a task or occasion
  • an ordered a number of times of which things are prepared that occurs
  • a temporally arranged arrange for matters become taken care of
  • A written or printed scroll or sheet of paper a document specially a formal number or inventory an inventory or catalogue annexed to a bigger document as to a will a lease a statute etc
  • To form into or place in a schedule
  • A written or imprinted scroll or sheet of report; a document; especially, a formal record or inventory; a listing or catalogue annexed to a bigger document, as to a might, a rent, a statute, etc.
  • To form into, or invest, a schedule.

Schedule meaning in Finance Dictionary

That section of an insurance coverage or assurance policy that sets out of the specific details strongly related a contract. Details listed typically through the policy name and number, the policyholders name, the commencement and readiness dates, the advantages payable, the life span or everyday lives ensured when it comes to life guarantee plus the premiums payable etc.

Schedule meaning in Law Dictionary

sheet of paper or parchment annexed to a statute, deed, answer in equity, deposition, or any other instrument, exhibiting thoroughly the things discussed or described inside main document. An inventory or stock; the paper containing a listing. Used. Whenever an indictment is returned from a substandard judge in obedience to a writ of certiorari, the declaration associated with previous proceedings delivered along with it is termed the “schedule.” 1 Saund. 309a, n. 2. In constitutional legislation. A schedule is a statement annexed to a constitution recently followed by a situation, for which are described at size the particulars which it differs from the former constitution, or containing terms when it comes to adjustment of things impacted by the alteration from the old tp the newest constitution. SCHEME. In English law, a scheme Is a document containing provisions for managing the management or distribution of residential property, or for making an arrangement between persons having conflicting rights. Therefore, when you look at the training associated with chancery unit, in which the execution of a charitable rely upon the way directed because of the creator is hard or impracticable, or calls for direction, a scheme for management of the charity will undoubtedly be satisfied by the court Tud. Char Trusts, 257; Search, Eq. 248; Daniell, Ch. Pr 1765

Schedule meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., sedule, cedule "ticket, label, slip of report with composing onto it," from Old French cedule (Modern French c

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  • "make a schedule of, 1855; include in a schedule, 1862; from schedule (letter.). Associated: planned; scheduling.

Schedule meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Auxiliary, explanatory, or extra document that forms element of a major document, such as a list of singular items (along with their descriptions and values) included in insurance coverage, or a decline schedule that delivers promoting details to a financial statement. 2. Timetable for an application or task showing how tasks and milestone events tend to be sequenced and phased on the allotted duration. 3. Written or printed catalog or range of costs, things, rates, etc., organized or organized in alphabetical, chronological, magnitudinal, or any other category or purchase.

Schedule meaning in Insurance Dictionary

a listing of an insured's locations or home eg computer systems, cellular equipment, or cars. May make reference to a listing of main or main insurance.

Sentence Examples with the word Schedule

The flight was on schedule and thankfully there was little time for forced conversation.

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