What does SPECIALTY mean?

SPECIALTY meaning in General Dictionary

a secured item of special well worth or utility

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  • a distinguishing trait
  • the unique distinct work you've got used as your job
  • Particularity
  • Particularity.
  • a specific or peculiar situation.
  • A contract or obligation under seal; a contract by deed; a writing, under seal, given as security for a financial obligation particularly specified.
  • That which is why a person is distinguished, where he's specially versed, or that he makes an object of special interest; a speciality.

SPECIALTY meaning in Law Dictionary

composing sealed and delivered, containing some contract. A writing sealed and delivered, which can be given as a security when it comes to repayment of a debt, in which these types of debt is particularly specified. Bac. Abr. "Obligation," A. A specialty is a contract under seal, and is considered by law as registered into with an increase of solemnity, and, consequently, of higher self-esteem than ordinary easy agreements. Code Ga. 1882,

SPECIALTY meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "particular love; unique accessory or benefit, partiality," from Old French especialte, even more vernacular form of specialite (see speciality). Compare personalty/personality; realty/reality. From early 15c. as "unusual, or extraordinary thing; specific branch of learning; strange high quality, distinctive characteristic."

Sentence Examples with the word SPECIALTY

A specialty debt is created by deed or instrument under seal.

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