What does SITE mean?

SITE meaning in General Dictionary

assign an area to

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  • real place in terms of the environment
  • the lot by which one thing is found (or is become located)
  • a pc connected to the internet that preserves some webpages in the web
  • where something is fixed situation regional position due to the fact website of a city or of a residence
  • where anything is fixed; situation; regional position; because, your website of a town or of a residence.
  • someplace fitted or chosen regarding specific permanent usage or profession; as, a niche site for a church.
  • The posture or position of anything.

SITE meaning in Law Dictionary

1. General. The spatial area of a facility, building or structure.2. Internet. The "place" in cyberspace that is the location of a site.3. Law. A domicile, location or controlling jurisdiction of a trust or firm for legal reasons.

SITE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"place or position occupied by anything," specifically with reference to environment, late 14c., from Anglo-French site, Old French web site "place, website; position," and directly from Latin situs "somewhere, place, scenario, area, section; idleness, sloth, inactivity; forgetfulness; the consequences of neglect," from past participle of sinere "let, keep alone, allow," from PIE *si-tu-, from root *tkei- "to stay, live, be residence" (see home (n.)).

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  • "to offer an area to, spot," 1590s, from web site (n.). Relevant: Sited; siting.

SITE - French to English


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  • site
  • place

SITE - German to English

web site

Sentence Examples with the word SITE

Even as a temporary measure, the choice of an extra-Palestinian site for the Jewish state was bitterly opposed by many Zionists; others (with whom Herzl appears to have sympathized) thought that as Palestine was, at all events momentarily, inaccessible, it was expedient to form a settlement elsewhere.

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