What does SETTER mean?

SETTER meaning in General Dictionary

person who establishes written material into type

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  • a long-haired dog previously trained to crouch on finding game the good news is to aim
  • One who or that which sets utilized mostly in structure with a noun as typesetter or perhaps in combo with an adverb as a setter on or inciter a setter-up a setter forth
  • To slice the dewlap of a cow or an ox and also to put a seton so as to trigger a concern
  • a person who, or what, sets; -- utilized mainly in composition with a noun, as typesetter; or in combination with an adverb, as a setter on (or inciter), a setter-up, a setter forth.
  • A hunting dog of a unique breed initially based on a mix amongst the spaniel in addition to pointer. Modern-day setters usually are taught to show the position of game wild birds by standing in a set position, but originally they suggested it by sitting or crouching.
  • One who hunts victims for sharpers.
  • person who adapts words to music in composition.
  • An adornment; a decoration; -- with off.
  • A shallow seggar for porcelain.
  • To slice the dewlap (of a cow or an ox), and also to insert a seton, so as to trigger a problem.

SETTER meaning in Law Dictionary

In Scotch legislation. The gruuter of a tack or lease. 1 Forb. Inst pt. 2, p. 153.

SETTER meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"one which establishes (something)," c.1400, agent noun from set (v.). As a kind of hunting-dog (originally a type of spaniel), 1570s, so named due to the fact puppy is "set" on online game.

SETTER meaning in Sports Dictionary

Ordinarily a professional player whose function is establish the basketball for a spike. (recreation: Volleyball)

SETTER - German to English

setter [dog]

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  • setters [dogs]

Sentence Examples with the word SETTER

The English setter should have a silky coat with the hair waved but not curly; the legs and toes should be hairy, and the tail should have a bushy fringe of hairs hanging down from the dorsal border.

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