What does SERJEANTY mean?

SERJEANTY meaning in Law Dictionary

types of tenure by knight service, which was due to the master only, and had been distinguished into grand and petit serjeanty. The tenant holding by grand serjeanty had been bound, in place of going to the king generally speaking inside the conflicts, to accomplish some honorary service towards king personally, concerning carry his banner or blade, or even be his but- ler, champion, or other officer at their coronation. Petit serjeanty differed from grand serjeanty, because the solution rendered to your king wasn't of your own nature, but consisted in making him aunually some little implement of war, as a bow, sword, arrow, lance, and/or love. Cowell; Brown.

Sentence Examples with the word SERJEANTY

While the occasional services, even when agricultural, in no way established a presumption of villenage, and many socmen, freemen and holders by serjeanty submitted to them, agricultural week-work was primarily considered as a trait of villenage and must have played an important part in the process of classification of early Norman society.

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