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top of the residence regarding the US Congress

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  • installation possessing high legislative powers
  • a construction or council getting the highest deliberative and legislative features
  • An assembly or council obtaining the highest deliberative and legislative functions.
  • A body of elders appointed or elected from on the list of nobles regarding the country, and achieving supreme legislative expert.
  • The upper and less numerous part of a legislature in numerous countries, as in France, in america, in many of the split States associated with united states of america, and in some Swiss cantons.
  • generally, a legislative body; a situation council; the legislative division of government.
  • The regulating human body of the Universities of Cambridge and London.
  • In some American universities, a council of chosen students, presided over because of the president of university, that tend to be introduced cases of discipline and things of general issue impacting the students.

SENATE meaning in Law Dictionary

In American legislation. Title associated with top chamber, or less many branch, for the congress of this usa. In addition the design of a similar human body in legislatures of several of the says. In Roman law. The great administrative council associated with the Roman commonwealth.

SENATE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, "legal and administrative human anatomy of old Rome," from Old French senat or Latin senatus "highest council of the state in old Rome," virtually "council of elders," from senex (genitive senis) "old man, old" (see senile). Attested from belated 14c. in mention of governing systems of no-cost cities in Europe; of national governing systems from 1550s; certain sense of upper house of U.S. legislature is recorded from 1775.

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Clark secured his election to the senate in 1899, but Daly furnished to the Committee on Elections and Privileges such evidence of bribery and fraud that it decided against seating him.

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