What does Right action mean?

Right action meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(a) Teleologicillv understood to be activity such that no option feasible beneath the conditions is better. Cf. G. E. Moore, Princ. Ethica. -- C.A.B. (b) Formalistically (or deontologically) regarded as not comparable to the above mentioned, as perhaps, indefinable. Like, C. D. Broad holds that the rightness or wrongness of an action in confirmed circumstance is a function of its "fittingness" because circumstance and of its energy in that scenario. W. D. Ross keeps that in given conditions that activity is appropriate whoever prima facie rightness when you look at the respects in which it's prima facie right outweights its prima-facie wrongness inside respects for which it really is prima facie incorrect to a better degree than could be the cast with any feasible alternative action. -- C.A.B.

Sentence Examples with the word Right action

ETc had, however, been so accustomed to give way to popular pressure that he did not perceive the difference between a wise md timely determination to leave a right action undone in the face of insuperable difficulties, and an unwise and cowardly 3etermination to do that which he believed to be wrong and imprudent.

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