What does Reproduction mean?

Reproduction meaning in General Dictionary

the entire process of producing offspring

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  • recall which hypothesized working by keeping the initial stimulus feedback and reproducing it during recall
  • backup that isn't the initial; something which happens to be copied
  • the sexual activity of conceiving and bearing offspring
  • the work of making copies
  • The act or process of reproducing hawaii of being reproduced
  • The work or procedure for reproducing; their state of being reproduced
  • the procedure where plants and animals produce offspring.
  • That which is reproduced.

Reproduction meaning in Medical Dictionary

The production of offspring. Reproduction will not need to be intimate; for example, yeast can reproduce by budding.

Reproduction meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, "act of forming once again," noun of action from reproduce. Of generation of residing things, from 1782; of noises, from 1908. Meaning "a duplicate" is from 1807.

Reproduction meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The act of bearing fruit or bringing forth young

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Reproduction meaning in Sexual Dictionary

the process of producing offspring.

Reproduction meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The work or procedure for reproducing; the state to be reproduced

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  • (letter.) the method in which flowers and creatures produce offspring.
  • (letter.) Whatever is reproduced.

Sentence Examples with the word Reproduction

Asexual reproduction only in Naids.

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