What does ROADSTEAD mean?

ROADSTEAD meaning in General Dictionary

a partly protected anchorage

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  • An anchorage off shore just like path 4
  • An anchorage off shore. Identical to path, 4.

ROADSTEAD meaning in Law Dictionary

In maritime law. A known general section for boats, infamously made use of as such, and distinguished by the name; and never any place in which an anchor will discover base and fix it self. 1 C. Rob. Adm. 232.

ROADSTEAD meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An anchorage off coast. Just like Road, 4.

Sentence Examples with the word ROADSTEAD

Of the other harbours, Porto Empedocle and Licata share with Catania most of the sulphur export trade, and the other ports of note are Marsala, Trapani, Syracuse (which shares with the roadstead of Mazzarelli the asphalt export trade).

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