What does RESIGNATION mean?

RESIGNATION meaning in General Dictionary

acceptance of despair

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  • the act of giving up (a claim or workplace or possession etc.)
  • a formal document offering notice of the objective to resign
  • The act of resigning or quitting as a claim control office or the love surrender because the resignation of a top or payment
  • The act of resigning or giving up, as a claim, possession, workplace, or perhaps the want; surrender; because, the resignation of a top or comission.
  • The state to be resigned or submissive; quiet or client distribution; unresisting acquiescence; as, resignation to the will and providence of Jesus.

RESIGNATION meaning in Law Dictionary

The work where an officer renounces the additional workout of their workplace and returns similar into the bauds of these from whom he got it. In ecclesiastical law. Besignation is when a parson, vicar, or other beneficed clergyman voluntarily gives up and surrenders his charge aud preferment to those from whom he received the same. It will always be done by a guitar attested by a notary. Phillim. Ecc. Law, 517. In Scotch legislation. The return of a fee into the hands of this superior. Bell.

RESIGNATION meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "act of resigning" (an office, etc.), from Old French resignation (14c.) and straight from Medieval Latin resignationem (nominative resignatio), noun of activity from previous participle stem of Latin resignare (see resign). Meaning "distribution, acquiescence" is from 1640s.

RESIGNATION - German to English

resignation [being resigned]

RESIGNATION meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The act of resigning or giving up, as a claim, control, workplace, or even the like; surrender; because, the resignation of a crown or comission.

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  • (letter.) The state of being resigned or submissive; peaceful or patient submitting; unresisting acquiescence; because, resignation toward will and providence of God.

Sentence Examples with the word RESIGNATION

Celman, acting upon the advice of General Roca, who recognized the strength of public opinion in the outbreak, placed his resignation in the hands of congress on the 31st of.

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