What does Pre- mean?

Pre- meaning in Etymology Dictionary

word-forming element meaning "before," from Old French pre- and Medieval Latin pre-, both from Latin prae (adverb and preposition) "before in time or spot," from PIE *peri- (cognates: Oscan prai, Umbrian pre, Sanskrit pare "thereupon," Greek parai "at," Gaulish are- "at, prior to," Lithuanian pre "at," Old Church Slavonic pri "at," Gothic faura, Old English fore "before"), extended type of root *per- (1) "beyond" (see per). The Latin word had been energetic in developing verbs. Also see prae-. Occasionally in center English muddled with words in pro- or per-.

Pre- meaning in General Dictionary

A prefix denoting concern (of time, place, or ranking); since, precede, to go prior to; precursor, a forerunner; prefix, to fix or spot prior to; preeminent eminent before or above other individuals. Pre- may also be used intensively, as with prepotent, very potent.

Sentence Examples with the word Pre-

The synod of Upsala without his previous knowledge and consent as a direct infringement of his pre- Sigismund rogative was only natural.

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