What does Open with mean?

Open with meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Open with is a Microsoft Microsoft windows feature which allows you to select exactly what program should be involving a file type. Like, when starting a file with a .log file extension or any file type Windows cannot recognize, you will end up encouraged utilizing the Open with screen, like the instance image below. It really is then your responsibility to determine what system should-be always view the items regarding the file. Inside instance, a .log file is created in basic text, which means it can be open with a text editor such Notepad. If you are unsure exactly what system to make use of, see our file extension listing to see all of the file extensions and their particular associated programs.

Sentence Examples with the word Open with

The second act of the drama may be said to open with the irretrievable blunder of Nicias in letting the Spartan Gylippus first land in Sicily, and then march at the head of a small army, partly levied on the spot, across the island, and enter Syracuse by way of Epipolae, past Euryelus.

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