What does Nonyl mean?

Nonyl meaning in General Dictionary

The hydrocarbon radical C9H19 derived from nonane and forming numerous compounds Used in addition adjectively as nonyl alcohol

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  • The hydrocarbon radical, C9H19, produced by nonane and developing many compounds. Applied in addition adjectively; as, nonyl liquor.

Nonyl meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The hydrocarbon radical, C9H19, based on nonane and forming many compounds. Used additionally adjectively; because, nonyl alcohol.

Sentence Examples with the word Nonyl

The latter reacts with chlorine to give silicon nonyl-chloride Si(C2H5)3 C2H4C1, which condenses with potassium acetate to give the acetic ester of silicon nonyl alcohol from which the alcohol (a camphor-smelling liquid) may be obtained by hydrolysis.

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