What does Neuer mean?

Neuer - German to English

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  • newish
  • present
  • Johnny-come-lately [coll.]
  • brand new arrival [person, in school etc.]
  • novice
  • newbie [sl.] [novice]

Sentence Examples with the word Neuer

In fine contrast to them is the bright appearance of the Binnen Alster, which is enclosed on three sides by handsome rows of buildings, the Alsterdamm in the east, the Alter Jungfernstieg in the south, and the Neuer Jungfernstieg in the west, while it is separated from the Aussen Alster by part of the rampart gardens traversed by the railway uniting Hamburg with Altona and crossing the lakes by a beautiful bridge - the LombardsBriicke.

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