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A Christian sect online dating through the 5th century. Nestorius, a patriarch of Constantinople 428-431) opposed the designation "mom of God" (a declaration of Origen's) placed on Mary, mom of Jesus. He said that Christ had two distinct natures and that Mary, a person being, could not have delivered any person but a person. The focus is upon the genuine human nature in addition to exemplary value of Christ. Nestorianism wasn't just a Christo-logical standpoint and also the only cause for much theological dispute; it was in addition an integral part of a political and ecclesiastical feud between bishops east and west. The council of Ephesus in 431 declared the scene heretical. However the Nestorian churches spread extensively and continues until our present time in Asiatic chicken and Persia. -- V.F.

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The doctrines and the works the works of Aristotle had been transmitted by the of Aris- Nestorians to the Arabs, and among those kept alive by a tole.

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