What does Neo-Hegelianism mean?

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title provided to the revival regarding the Hegelian philosophy which began in Scotland and The united kingdomt towards middle associated with the nineteenth century and somewhat later extended to The united states. Outstanding representatives of the action in The united kingdomt and Scotland tend to be J. H. Stirling, John and Edward Caird, T. H. Green (perhaps more intoxicated by Kant), F. H. Bradley, B. Bosanquet, R. B. Haldane, J. E. McTaggart and, in the us, W. T. Harris and Josiah Royce. Throughout, the representatives remained indifferent toward formal components of Hegel's dialectic and subscribed only to its character -- just what Hegel himself referred to as "the power of negation" and exactly what Bosanquet known as the argumentum a contingentia mundi. -- G.W.C.

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With Thomas Hill Green he founded in England a school of orthodox neo-Hegelianism (see Hegel, ad fin.), and through his pupils he exerted a farreaching influence on English philosophy and theology.

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