What does National Savings mean?

National Savings meaning in Finance Dictionary

A variety of savings schemes, backed by the federal government, in which the public can participate. posts a booklet entitled 'Investor's Guide' which describes in detail how it operates together with items it gives. The cost savings systems presently include:Capital BondsIncome BondsFirst solution BondsPensioners Bondskid's incentive BondsInvestment AccountOrdinary AccountFixed Interest Savings CertificatesIndex related Savings CertificatesPremium Bonds

Sentence Examples with the word National Savings

Among the finest office buildings are the structures of the Albany City Savings Institution, National Commerical Bank, Union Trust Company, Albany Trust Company, the National Savings Bank, First National Bank, the New York State National Bank (1803, probably the oldest building in the United States used continuously for banking purposes) and the Albany Savings Bank.

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