What does Mignon mean?

Mignon meaning in Names Dictionary

Dainty, petite.
Name Origin: French
Name Gender: Female

Mignon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"delicately created," 1550s, French, literally "delicate, charming, pretty;" see minion. As a noun, "pretty son or daughter," from 1827.

Mignon meaning in General Dictionary

See 3d Minion

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  • To flatter
  • See 3d Minion.
  • To flatter.

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Mignon meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To flatter.

Sentence Examples with the word Mignon

Wilhelm Meister is a work of extraordinary variety, ranging from the commonplace realism of the troupe of strolling players to the poetic romanticism of Mignon and the harper; its flashes of intuitive criticism and its weighty apothegms add to its value as a Bildungsroman in the best sense of that word.

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