What does Medical jurisprudence mean?

Medical jurisprudence meaning in Medical Dictionary

The part for the legislation that relates to the effective use of law to medicine or, conversely, the effective use of medical technology to appropriate problems. Healthcare jurisprudence might be involved with instances concerning hereditary interactions (eg, paternity screening) or injury or death resulting from physical violence. An autopsy might be done to simply help determine the representative of demise (eg, a gun chance, poison) and how long the individual has-been lifeless.. Forensic medication can also be essential in cases involving rape. Modern practices use such specimens as semen, bloodstream, and locks to recognize your body of a victim and also to compare the DNA of criminal compared to that for the defendant through DNA fingerprinting.

Medical jurisprudence meaning in Law Dictionary

the name that si given to the branch of medicine concerning the questions of law; medicolegal matters.

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Beck, Medical Jurisprudence (1842); A.

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