What does Ludwig mean?

Ludwig meaning in Names Dictionary

Famous fighter.
Name Origin: German
Name Gender: Male

Ludwig meaning in Etymology Dictionary

masc. correct title, from Old tall German hlud(o)wig, literally "famous in war," from Proto-Germanic *hluda- "heard of, popular" (see noisy) + *wiga "war." Compare Louis.

Ludwig - German to English

Louis the little one

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  • Louis the Blind [Louis III, Holy Roman Emperor]
  • Louis the German [king for the East Franks]
  • Louis the Pious [Louis we, emperor of this Franks]
  • Louis the Stammerer [Louis II of France]
  • Louis II the Jumper [1042-1123, Landgrave of Thuringia]
  • Lewis

Sentence Examples with the word Ludwig

KARL LUDWIG FERNOW (1763-1808), German art-critic and archaeologist, was born in Pomerania on the 19th of November 1763.

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