What does Jobbing mean?

Jobbing meaning in General Dictionary

Doing chance work or odd jobs as a jobbing carpenter

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  • of Job
  • Performing chance work or include jobs; since, a jobbing carpenter.
  • Using possibilities of public service for personal gain; as, a jobbing politician.

Jobbing meaning in Law Dictionary

Constantly buying possessions to improve earnings.

Jobbing meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Job

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  • (a.) Performing possibility work or include tasks; since, a jobbing carpenter.
  • (a.) Making use of options of public-service for exclusive gain; because, a jobbing politician.

Sentence Examples with the word Jobbing

The city is situated in the midst of a rich agricultural region and is a supply centre for southern Kansas and Oklahoma, with large jobbing interests.

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