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The social philosophy of dialectical materialism. The effective use of the general concepts of dialectical materialism on specific industry of human history, the introduction of human society. Among main issues Marx handled was that of the fundamental causal representative inside movement of human history. He states his thesis the following: "inside personal relations which males keep on they come right into definite relations that are indispensible and separate of these will. These relations of production correspond to an absolute stage of growth of their particular material powers of manufacturing. . . . At a particular stage of these development the material causes of production in society come in conflict utilizing the current relations of production, or -- what is but a legal expression for similar thing -- using the residential property relations within which they was in fact working prior to. From types of development of the forces of manufacturing these relations become their fetters. Then comes the period of social change. With all the change of financial basis the complete immense superstructure is much more or less rapidly changed. In deciding on these types of transformations the difference should be made between the material change for the economic climates of manufacturing which are often determined aided by the accuracy of all-natural science, as well as the legal, political, spiritual, aesthetic or philosophic -- simply speaking, ideological types where guys come to be alert to this conflict and battle it out." (Marx: Contribution on Critique of Political Economy, p. 12.) -- J.M.S.

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With these may be mentioned certain volumes of essays, among which are to be noted those upon Historical Materialism and Marxist Economy (1896-1900); upon Hegel (1905); upon Vico (1910); and the New Essays upon Aesthetic (1920), which complete and carry further the first Aesthetic. Croce only took part in the administrative work of Naples upon rare occasions and in moments of crisis.

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