What does Gruppe mean?

Gruppe - German to English

Group [basic Luftwaffe demand unit]

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  • bank
  • clique
  • cohort [group]
  • constellation [group of associated things]
  • band of Eight
  • selection of Eleven
  • The Five
  • jury
  • high income group
  • echinoderms {pl} [phylum echinodermata]
  • band of Twenty [also variously G21, G22 and G20+]
  • exterior automorphism team [also: selection of outer automorphisms]
  • factor team
  • honest issues group
  • peer team
  • team
  • bask of crocodiles
  • higher-income group
  • celebration of skiers
  • band of students
  • team
  • celebration of ten (men and women)
  • corps de ballet
  • corps de ballet
  • mountain group
  • claque [group of individuals hired to applaud an act or performer]
  • tern [rare] [set of three]
  • traveling circus
  • pack of scoundrels
  • heptad
  • square party
  • staff of experts
  • bracket [group]
  • cluster [trees, countries, houses etc.]
  • outfit [coll.]
  • gang [coll.] [group, clique]
  • clump [of homes, trees, flowers, etc.]
  • group
  • class
  • great deal [esp. Br.: team]
  • musical organization
  • squad
  • posse [coll.]

Sentence Examples with the word Gruppe

P. 633.) To her oriental attributes the following may be added: the sparrow and hare (productivity), the wry-neck (as a love-charm, of which Aphrodite was considered the inventor), the swan and dolphin (as a marine divinity), the tortoise (explained by Plutarch as a symbol of domesticity, but connected by Gruppe with the marine deity), the rose, the poppy, and the lime tree.

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