What does Gasse mean?

Gasse - German to English


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  • alleyway
  • chare [Br. esp. North-east]
  • ginnel [Br.]
  • jigger [Liverpool sl.: alleyway]
  • jitty [Br. esp. Midlands]
  • lane
  • line-out [rugby]
  • lineout [rugby]
  • snickelway [N. Engl.]
  • snicket [N. Engl.]
  • snickleway [N. Engl.]
  • twitten [Br. esp. Sussex]
  • vennel [Scot.]
  • wynd [esp. Scot.]
  • street

Sentence Examples with the word Gasse

The palace of the princes of Thurn and Taxis in the Eschenheimer Gasse was built (1732-1741) from the designs of Robert de Cotte, chief architect to Louis XIV.

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