What does Foy mean?

Foy meaning in General Dictionary

Faith allegiance fealty

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  • Faith; allegiance; fealty.
  • A feast written by one planning to leave someplace.

Foy meaning in Law Dictionary

L. Fr. Faith; allegiance; fidelity.

Foy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"entertainment provided by one planning to make a journey," Scottish and dialectal, late 15c., of unsure source, maybe finally from French voie "way, journey" (see voyage (n.)).

Foy meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Faith; allegiance; fealty.

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  • (letter.) A feast given by one about to keep a spot.

Sentence Examples with the word Foy

The Englishman Henry Holden (see above), the Frenchman Veronius (Francois Veron, S.J., 1575-1649) in his Regle generale de la foy catholique (1652), the German Philipp Neri Chrismann,' in his Regula fidei catholicae et collectio dogmatism credendorum (1792),2 all work at this task.

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