What does FACULTIES mean?

FACULTIES meaning in Law Dictionary

when you look at the law of divorce proceedings. The capability for the spouse to make a help towards the spouse in the shape of alimony,whether temporary or permanent, including not just their tangible residential property, but in addition hisincome and his power to earn money. 2 Bish. Mar. & Div.

FACULTIES meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"powers or properties of your head," in addition "physical features," early 16c., plural of professors.

FACULTIES meaning in General Dictionary

of Faculty

FACULTIES meaning in General Dictionary

(pl. ) of Faculty

Sentence Examples with the word FACULTIES

The state board of education consists of the governor; the attorneygeneral; the superintendent of public instruction, who is ex officio its president; three experienced educators chosen quadrennially by the Senate from members of the faculties of the University of Virginia, the Virginia Military Institute, the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, the State Female Normal School at Farmville, the School for the Deaf and Blind, and the College of William and Mary; and two division superintendents, one from a county and one from a city, chosen biennially by the other members of the board.

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