What does Eumenides mean?

Eumenides meaning in General Dictionary

A euphemistic title for Furies of Erinyes

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  • (traditional mythology) the hideous snake-haired beasts (usually three in number) who pursued unpunished criminals
  • A euphemistic title for the Furies of Erinyes.

Eumenides meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Greek, virtually "the well-minded people," a euphemism associated with Erinys; see eu- "well, great;" 2nd factor from Greek menos "character, enthusiasm," from PIE *men-es-, suffixed as a type of *men- (1) "to imagine" (see mind (n.)).

Eumenides meaning in General Dictionary

(n. pl.) A euphemistic name when it comes to Furies of Erinyes.

Sentence Examples with the word Eumenides

He comes to Attica and dies in the grove of the Eumenides at Colonus, in his death welcomed and pardoned by the fate which had pursued him throughout his life.

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