What does Erhaltung mean?

Erhaltung - German to English


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  • preservation
  • preservation of jobs
  • earnings upkeep
  • income help
  • preservation of energy
  • persistence of power
  • preservation of virility
  • conservation of fisheries
  • conservation of health
  • preservation of health
  • upkeep of energy
  • preservation of prices
  • conservation of substance
  • income upkeep
  • conservation of peace
  • preservation regarding the cultural value
  • hearing preservation
  • heritage conservation
  • preservation of actual framework
  • upkeep of a claim
  • preservation of a building
  • keeping
  • maintenance [preservation]
  • preservation
  • retention
  • maintenance
  • keeping (present) tasks
  • safeguarding (present) jobs
  • conservation of
  • conservation of assets

Sentence Examples with the word Erhaltung

On the theoretical side the greatest stimulus came from the publication in 1847, without knowledge of Mayer or Joule, of Helmholtz's great memoir, Ober die Erhaltung der Kraft, followed immediately (1848-1852) by the establishment of the science of thermodynamics, mainly by R.

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