What does EVOCATION mean?

EVOCATION meaning in General Dictionary

The act of phoning away or forth

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  • calling up supposed supernatural causes by spells and incantations
  • stimulation that calls up (draws forth) a certain course of behaviors
  • imaginative re-creation
  • The act of phoning on or forth.

EVOCATION meaning in Law Dictionary

In French legislation. The detachment of an underlying cause from cognizance of aninferior court, and bringing it before another judge or judge. In certain areas thisprocess resembles the procedures upon certiorari.

EVOCATION meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, from Latin evocationem (nominative evocatio) "a calling forth, a phoning from concealment," noun of action from previous participle stem of evocare "call-out, summon; phone forth, rouse, attract," from assimilated as a type of ex- "out" (see ex-) + vocare "to phone" (see vocals (n.)). Evocatio had been made use of of Roman customized of petitioning the gods of an adversary city to abandon it and arrive at Rome; additionally ended up being used to translate the Platonic Greek anamnesis "a phoning up of real information acquired in a past state of presence."

EVOCATION meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The work of phoning out or forth.

Sentence Examples with the word EVOCATION

King John and his baronage, relying on the fact that such evocation of cases to a superior, court had never before been known, refused to allow that it was valid.

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